| Catch DumDollyParade at this year’s Greenbelt Festival on Sunday 30th August 2015. www.greenbelt.org.uk | www.greenbelt.org.uk/boxoffice




| Cape Alley will be performed at Vivacity Arts Fetival in Peterborough in September.




| Cape Alley premiered at the Bristol Harbourside Festival with an incredibly warm response. Be sure to check back for future performance dates.



| Check out this short film by the Dance Filmmaker Lucie Sheppard, which captures Cape Alley's first week of creation at Swindon Dance. This was made as a part of Sixty Second Spotlight for Dance Village at the Bristol Harbourside Festival.




| TrashDollys have been awarded the Dance Village R&D Commission which will see their most recent work in progress Cape Alley into the second phase of development, before performances at the Bristol Harbourside Festival in July 2015.





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